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Oct 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
it means the candidate can't star in the ads. right. we could go mitt romney event and film romney footage. would we getting the same things the news crew get. we can't shoot an ad of romney talks to the call are a why he'll be the best president. what it does is the anticoordination laws they almost make all the outside group negative because at that point you know we're not coordinating with barack obama to run a negative ad about him. we were to run a poz ad about mitt romney people would question where you get the footage from. in 2010 cross roads ran an ad supportive of now senator rob portman in the ohio senate race, we had pulled the video food age from a public i are available place youtube. -- [inaudible] within the fcc over something silly perversely the campaign laws have created a situation there's a lot of contrast advertising because of the prohibition. >> the committee is due. the economic their inexpect arms they doing a bunch of comparative ads. they don't coordinate each of the candidates is throwing the information on the party website. democrats, republicans same thing.
Oct 5, 2012 8:00pm EDT
. everything i've read them the news right now is met romney is having and i can take the obama campaign should expect it to because that is what happens this time of year. i will go back and tell you a little about 2007. 2007, were going about six months at this stage. we were six months into the campaign at this stage four years ago. we were focused on iowa. we believe we had to win iowa to have a shot at the nomination. if we lost iowa, we were going to have some problems. there is a much more narrow path to the nomination. and so, everyone was really focused on the four early states to which included new hampshire, nevada and south carolina. in september, things are really starting to happening. you're starting to see things come together after many months. you're making a final tuneup's about 12 weeks away. and because the car you have around labor day is a car you will drive right through the primaries, so you'd think moving stuff around, getting people into positions. he was in mid-september when this poll drop. i'm just going to say, was the same poll we had been seen for a couple month
Oct 1, 2012 8:30pm EDT
is there a way, are you doing anything to get into the debate cycle with obama and romney? >> host: we had a similar question, governor johnson, via twitter. what do you say? >> guest: well, right now i'm excluded from the first debate. the commission that determines who gets in the debates is the presidential debate commission, and guess what? the presidential debate commission is private, and they're made up of republicans and democrats with absolutely no interest whatsoever in seeing a third voice on stage. we have filed three lawsuits to get me on stage based on other third-party candidates who have filed lawsuits. there doesn't seem to be, there doesn't seem to be much hope, but we filed on anti-trust grounds, something that has not been done before. >> host: how much do these debates matter, gary johnson, and what are you looking forward to hearing on wednesday? >> guest: well, the debates are tantamount to my having a chance at winning. without being on the debates, i think that, um, you know, you can just kind of close the lid on being able to win the campaign -- win the election.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3